6 Peel and Stick Wallpaper Patterns for Every Personality Type

We think your wallpaper selection is totally a personality trait. Whether you love to stay in or prefer to go out, there’s a design that you’ll always love coming home to. What does your wallpaper say about you? Check out our recommendations below on what we think could match your personality and home decor style.

Soothing geometric wallpaper for those who prefer to stay low-key

You love to cozy up with a new book, extra points if it’s raining outside. An introvert to your core, you’ll easily spend an entire paycheck on homey interior decor items like candles, prints and throws. You take kombucha over coffee every time—you love the soothing and uncomplicated look of geometric-patterned wallpaper. The repetitive prints and perfect alignment make you feel at ease and relaxed.

You enjoy being home, but you also love to travel and explore new places. Of course, you keep a journal of all of your adventures. You love designs like the Morrocan-inspired abstract, geometric wallpaper, MARRAKESH that give off a modern look with a retro vibe. The calm, rich color palette of this timeless wallpaper brings your walls to life. Travel-inspired themes bring warmth, charm, and energy into your home.

Artist-designed removable wallpaper for the extroverted introvert

You’re creative and fun—you like to dress in bright colors and vibrant patterns, and you always aim to show off your style (even if you’re just in your pjs.) Every nook of your studio apartment has been thoughtfully designed, re-designed, and laid out. You’ve (easily) paneled, removed, repositioned, and changed the peel and stick wallpaper on your walls at least 3 times since moving in 2 years ago. You need your home to match your current vibes.

You’re the life of the party, but you also need your alone time to recharge. You think of your home as an extension of your being, and after a day of being super social, you love to relax and be surrounded by all the little things you love, especially art. We’re not talking about Live, Laugh, Love signs. You love supporting local artists and having unique conversation pieces as part of your decor. You could easily fall down a rabbit hole exploring design trends. Pastel pink is your color (right now.) It looks just as good on your skin tone as it does on your walls. Antoine Perrault’s collection of abstract wall murals and wallpaper is perfect to make your small space feel light and playful. After weeks of deliberation, you added DIM LIGHT to all four walls of your apartment, and you couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

Neutral botanical wallpaper for the classic, but fun 30-something year old

You take your coffee with oat milk and no sugar because you’re an adult now. You’re logical and you like things that make sense. You are completely task-oriented, and you love ticking things off your to-do list. You’re classic, but not conservative—to be honest, you consider yourself pretty damn cool. You like quality over quantity. While some would call you a minimalist, you’re just invested in buying good, sustainable, and lasting things. You can’t resist wildflowers, rich foliage, or vintage botanical prints. You’re bougie, but you don’t flaunt it—you just like nice things. You feel the tropical leaves and green and gray foliage of your PURA VIDA wallpaper show off your excellent taste, and a touch of your adventurous side. Plus, you love to have plants that you don’t have to remember to water.

Hand-painted brushstrokes for the inner grunge teen

You wore flannel shirts and ripped jeans before they were cool. For you, Grunge isn’t just a style or genre of music, it’s an attitude. Versatile and edgy, just like you – you love a good Grunge aesthetic full of textures and colors that give you a major dose of nostalgia. You’ve professionally framed a few of your old band posters, and yes, some of them are signed. You have a cool job – something in magazine journalism, music, or movies. You’re a great conversationalist at parties and your open mind and impressive knowledge of a wide range of topics often help you make small talk with almost anyone. Your BUBBLE TEA wallpaper showcases all the facets of your personality—messy, but organized, colorful, yet muted, clean, and cool. Hand-painted brushstrokes complete your decor’s vibe.

For the love of neutrals, monochrome palettes, and mid-century modern home decor

Some might think of you as simple, but really, you’re just refined. You know what you like. Your closet is organized by color, season, and garment type. You never have dishes in the sink, and your apartment is always tidy. Neutral, monochrome palettes are your mood board and your overall life aesthetic. Beige, grays, navy, and dusty blues, make you feel at home. Maybe you listen to jazz and classical music, you love linework art, mid-century modern home decor, and sometimes even a touch of kitschy retro vintage vibes. Your friends always compliment you on your excellent taste. Like a fine wine, you’ve only gotten better with age. Your INTENTION BLUE wallpaper makes your home feel just as sophisticated, yet approachable as you are. You love the glam vibe it brings into your walls with its accents of gold, clean lines, and geometric shapes.

The confident and trendy host with a contemporary interior

You like to think of yourself as a young Martha Stewart, the fact that she hangs with Snoop fits into your scenario. You love crafting, hosting dinner parties, and creating badass floral arrangements. You feel good when everyone else feels good and is having fun. All the decor in your house is DIY, but it all looks good, like professional good. No Pinterest fails here. When you started researching peel and stick wallpaper, you knew you wanted it for your Mid-century modern home, so you bought it. Of course, you installed the BOUQUET PROVENCAL wallpaper yourself. It took you a couple of hours, but you won’t stop telling your friends how easy it was. On to the next project.

None of the above speaks to your personality and style? Check out our full selection of prints, patterns and murales here: https://graficobrands.com/artmurale.com/all-products/

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