Renter’s Guide: Make your Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Just because you’re renting, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your space your own. There’s nothing worse than living somewhere for a year or two, that feels more like an Air BnB than your actual home. Wallpaper may have fallen out of fashion for a few decades, but it’s back and better than ever. Peel and stick wallpaper is the perfect temporary and removable decor that will make you fall in love with all four walls, and won’t leave you stressing about getting your full deposit back at the end of your lease.

As you look for creative solutions to make your space feel bigger, consider a giant wall mural which will create an infinite effect and feeling of some extra square footage. Why not try adding some geometric prints, or floral and foliage designs to your home? Distinguish your kitchen from your living room and bedroom with a mix of complementary patterns and prints. Match your furniture with your wallpaperour designs can be applied to any clean, smooth surface.

Elevate your Kitchen Decor

Let’s start in the kitchen, because if you’re anything like us, that’s usually where all the magic happens. Make your home feel like a quaint casa on the coast of Tuscany. Add warm colors and make your cooking and hosting space feel more energetic, inviting, and intimate. Our TUSCAN SUNDANCE wallpaper is a taste of warm Mediterranean terracotta, squash orange with a dash of deep, rich teal. The bright yellow floral line art gives movement and texture to the botanical abstract patterns. Botanical designs are a guaranteed mood changer. Enjoy the illusion of fresh cut flowers every time you walk into your kitchen. 

Did we mention that our wallpapers are splash and moisture resistant? Why not try adding some decor to your breakfast nook or pantry, for a bit of extra spice.

A Living Room Makeover

Self-proclaimed modernist? Yeah, we’re talking to you. One of the biggest wallpaper trends for 2021 include geometrics, which help convey a contemporary look in even the oldest apartments. Abstract and uncomplicated, patterns like GOLDEN HIVE and CARAT will add another dimension to your living space. Try a geometric wallpaper pattern in your living room, family room, or den to add a textured effect, making your room feel cozier.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Wallpaper in Your Bedroom 

Now, what about your bedroom? This is the space where you should feel most at peace. Relaxed and at ease before you go to sleep, and rested when you wake up in the morning. 

Wake up feeling refreshed to your collection of abstract peel and stick wallpaper. From geometrics to florals, our unique patterns and exclusive artist-based murals and prints give endless possibilities to making your bedroom your favorite room. You might see and interpret different things depending on the day and your moodlet the shapes, colors, forms and flows infuse your space and calm your mind. Try MERMAID’S TEARS and listen to soothing crashing waves of white noise as you drift off to sleep or maybe you’re rental space is more suited to our SILVER LINING removable wallpaper that will give you the feeling of floating in the sky, and off into dreamland with its serene halftone lines, and powdered clouds of blue and pink.

Make an Entrance with Removable Wallpaper in your Hallway or Entryway

Adding some temporary wallpaper to your entryway or hallway will make your home extra welcoming and make it really feel like your own. We love a dreamy watercolor printwhether it’s neutral, colorful, or a combination of both. From delicate blue watercolor wallpapers to serene floral wall murals, the possibilities are endless. Try our SANTORINI or our ISLAND FLOWER, we guarantee it’ll make you feel happy and at home, every time you walk through the door.

When you’re ready to move out, it’s easy to remove your wallpaper! All you have to do is start at the top corner of one of your wallpaper panels and pull gently, but firmly and evenly, making your way slowly downwards and working parallel to the surface. No sticky residue left behind, and ready for the next tenant or your next project! Your landlord will never know.

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