Summer is hot and so are our new wallpaper designs

Montreal is brimming with creative talent. We’re excited to feature a host of new talented artists and launch their wallpapers. Just moved into a new place? Hosting a pop-up? Or looking to inject life into a commercial space? This is for you.


Meet our new artmurale artists


Illustrator and Designer

Location: Montreal

Design Style: Illustrations and animations inspired by animals, cosmos and pastel colors—all with a spark of absurdity and airiness to make you smile. 

IG Handle: @eveline_machine


Illustrator and Designer

Location: Montreal

Design Style: Playful illustrations, graphic design and dope screenprint merch for brands.

IG Handle: @fine_and_dry


Color Expert and Illustrator

Location: Laval

Design Style: Illustrations, corky cartoons and patterns inspired by color trends and her inner child. 

IG Handle: @kryptoniecoloragency


Tatoo Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Location: Montreal

Design Style: Illustrations, graphic design and tattoo artwork inspired by Chinese traditions, skulls, reptiles and florals.

IG Handle: @studiotattoomania


Canadian Urban Artist

Location: Montreal

Design Style: Murals, painting, vintage comics and pop art inspired by North American wildlife and landscapes reimagined to feature elements of urban culture.

IG Handle: @whatisadam

Check out their full collections. 


Contact us for custom orders, substrates and pricing. 

We’re always on the lookout for new designers, artists, photographers, and illustrators to curate an exclusive selection of wallpaper and murals.

Reach out or spread the word.

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