Mermaid’s Tears


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Prepasted Removable Smooth, Vinyl Matte Smooth, Vinyl Embossed Linen, Non-Pasted Commercial


96” Wide x 96” High, 132” Wide x 96” High, 120” Wide x 108” High, 156” Wide x 108” High


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Low tide brings in mysterious beach treasures like colorful sea glass sometimes called Mermaid’s Tears. Imagine wandering along the shores to discover smooth little shimmering gems, the remnants of old bottles, glasses, windows, jars, and trinkets that have been tossed by the waves over and over again. Our Mermaid’s Tears abstract wallpaper features green and coral colors in rounded shapes on a sand background that provides a soothing decor for any space. Decorate your nursery, bedroom, or bathroom, and enjoy the beachcomber fantasy.