First impressions

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression.

Human beings are built to size each other up quickly. The same can be said about an interior, space, and environment.

Spaces have the potential to take you anywhere, to a city you’ve never visited, a brand you love, a comforting memory, or a bold new inspiring world—dealer’s choice. Our wallpaper designs and patterns are created to inspire, help you express your intentions, and to bring new visions to life.

Every space tells a story. What does yours say?


Creative, accessible, and easy design experiences for all.

Artmurale is a wallpaper, mural and live art brand offering custom and exclusive designs for residential, corporate and commercial spaces.

We’re born and bred in Montreal, but our artists are all over the world. Our products are proudly printed-to-order, in Canada, using selected eco-friendly materials.

Through vibrant, unique designs, we showcase our appreciation for art and community, promoting a collective of local and international artists. We connect, empower, and help creatives to make their art accessible to all.


We offer a range of peel and stick wallpaper prints designed to help you achieve your decor goals efficiently and affordably, without commitment. The self-adhesive application is completely removable and will not damage walls and surfaces. Our peel and stick installation is ideal for DIY home projects, rentals, children’s rooms, corporate and retail interior concepts like pop-up shops, trade shows, etc.

Go beyond walls to cover any smooth, flat, clean surface like doors, cabinets, stairs, furniture, frames, ceilings, and more!

Whether it’s a pattern, landscape, cityscape, or texture, wallpaper is the number one go-to in reimagining your space.


As an artmurale artist, you benefit from visibility; all patterns are available for purchase on our website as part of an exclusive artist-based collection. In addition, all artists are featured in our design portfolio for commercial projects and live art installations.

Creative, accessible, and easy design experiences for all.

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