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Our curated selection of prints, patterns, and exclusive artist-designed wallpapers and wall murals has something to match your personality, taste, and interest. Discover our themed categories designed to help you achieve your interior design goals and vision. The sky’s the limit! Well, actually, the ceiling is, but you can cover that surface too. Enjoy your creative process.

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Get lost in our collection of timeless abstract wallpaper and wall mural designs. Let shapes, colors, forms, and graphic patterns infuse your space with a modern interior design look and feel.


Dreaming of dramatic floral prints or elegant botanical patterns? We have you covered, well your walls.


Flowers are instant mood changers. Have you ever received a bouquet? Imagine waking up to a gorgeous flower arrangement on your nightstand.


Convey a contemporary look in any room with on-trend geometric wallpaper patterns.


Some things were just better in the '90s–like mixtapes. Add a grunge vibe to your interior decor.


Browse unique designs that will inspire and elevate your space. Hand-drawn wallpaper murals and seamless patterns add a sense of comfort and personality to any decor.


Jungles, spaceships, and fairytales, your kids dream big! Make their room magical and encourage their creativity and imagination with playful-themed wallpaper patterns and exclusive artist-designed murals.


A picture may be worth a million words, but a million words could also paint a vivid picture, on your walls. Discover our curated selection of removable letters and numbers-themed self-adhesive wallpaper.


Travel the world from the comfort of your home or relive your most memorable adventures with our world map peel and stick wallpapers.


Our curated selection of seamless prints, patterns, and exclusive artist-designed wallpapers and wall murals has something to match your personality and style.


Personalize your rooms with swirls, splashes, and splatters of abstract watercolor shapes. Our collection of watercolor patterns will make a lasting impression in your dining room, living room, or bathroom.