Urban Artist


Urban Artist

Playful & family-friendly, giving off nothing but good vibes

Falldown started drawing on t-shirts with sharpies over a decade ago. The Ottawa-based urban artist, uses cartoon-based drawings and stylized lettering artwork to provide his audience with a brief encounter with color and joy. Falldown’s murals, window paintings, decorated clothing and commissioned work are picking up momentum in major Canadian cities. Former owner of Fall Down Gallery, a space dedicated to street-style art, the artist turned his passion for spray paint culture and freehand drawing into punchy everyday settings that can be seen in all kinds of unexpected spaces. His unique style is playful and family-friendly, giving off nothing but good vibes. When he’s not working you can catch him making TikTok videos with his daughter, Rukha.


An exclusive artist-based wall mural, LIT is part of urban artist and illustrator Falldowng’s wallpaper collection.


From: $8.50/ft²