All You Need to Know About Wallpaper for your Home Office

As working from home has become the norm over the last 18 months, you’ve probably become a little tired of staring at the same 4 walls everyday. Why not spruce up your home office space with a colorful pattern, print or bold mural? Inspire your best work and make your home office one of your favorite rooms.

A touch of the Italian countryside for your windowless home office

In case your home office doesn’t have a view you can create one with our bold Gardens of Augustus floral pattern wallpaper. This dramatic floral wallpaper brings tranquility and natural beauty into your interior decor. Sciacca coral orange-red and Mediterranean blue come together in this lush botanical wallpaper pattern. Imagine yourself taking early morning strolls in Capri while you empty your inbox and start planning your next Italian vacation.

Say “Mahalo” to exotic botanical home office wallpaper  

Bring the outside in and make your office space a tropical work environment. Nothing says ‘positive vibes only’ like our MIDNIGHT MONSTERA. Surround yourself with lush leaves and foliage, and stay cool, calm and collected, even during the longest Zoom meetings. Did we mention how nice our wallpaper works for video call backdrops?  Imagine yourself as ‘Out of Office’ everyday with our MAHALO wallpaper. Plan your working staycation with botanicals and vibrant flowers plucked from the dense rainforests of Kauai. You can almost feel the warm Haiwaan breeze.

Mid-century modern wallpaper to create a home office space where there isn’t one

Lacking a designated home office space? We’ve got you covered (well, your walls at least!) Easily create a chic working space and serve major working from home looks with our ANGOLO MOSAIC pattern wallpaper. Create the illusion of more space with this tile-inspired geometric motif wallpaper, perfect to add a mid-century modern twist to your working area.

Less is more when creating a soothing home office environment

Of course you want your home office to inspire your best work. We suggest adding soothing geometric print wallpaper to your space. Why not try our BERMUDA TRIANGLES print? Mixed watercolors of muted gray and white give this geometric patterned wallpaper a mysterious and calming vibe. Roll out a cool and relaxed environment, perfect for working hard, and playing hard too.

Wallpaper for those who love a good accent

Love a good print but can’t decide which wall of your home office to decorate? Why not add it to your desk, bookshelves or filing cabinet? Our wallpaper works great on any smooth, flat surface. Add an accent of color and character to your home office, without covering your fresh paint job. Our CRISTAL – ROSE TEA designer print by Annie Guilbault would look great on your desktop workspace. Stimulate your creativity and imagination, and spark creativity with abstract wallpaper. Our Rose Tea pattern is a blend of modern and minimalist design. The soothing colors will have you daydreaming (on your lunch, of course) in a pastel palette. Bring a cool, calm, and collected energy into your home office. Explore the full Cristal collection for more decor inspiration.

Adding a colorful print, fun pattern or bold murale to your home office, will no doubt make you feel more at home and less at work. Get re-energized by your working-from-home space. You can’t go wrong with soothing geometrics, bold florals or dramatic botanicals. Adding an accent wall, covering your desktop or filing cabinet, or covering all 4 walls – your best work is waiting to be inspired!

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