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An exclusive artist-based pattern, Swallows is part of the designer and illustrator Paula Alvarez’s collection, Inspired by Nature.

Often seen skimming low over fields with a flowing, graceful flight, our Swallows wallpaper features these acrobatic little birds, perched on dainty tree branches, set on an ice green background. Inspired by traditional Japanese and Chinese home decor, this wall mural offers a serene design and stylized elegance. Perhaps an Old Dagwood or Shogetsu style tree, these white flower blossoms give out a sense of harmony much like a Tree Swallow song. The illustrated garden setting is populated by animated birds flying in and out of a fully blossomed white flower tree. This vintage bird art wallpaper pattern brings a stylish flair to any room, use it in your bedroom, living room, home office, or kid’s room. The soft tones of color allow this design to complement any decor and bring nature into your space.

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Embossed Linen, Smooth Matte


26″ Wide x 120″ High, 26″ Wide x 96″ High


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